Google Ads

We have compiled an affordable base package to start a Google Ads campaign,
prices are excluding the advertising costs Google charges.




Ad Groups can be classified as the main subjects of your website (like your main pages) or as different kinds of bidding strategies for your entire website. Our base package includes 5 ad groups that can either be different subjects or different bidding strategies or both.

Every Ad group will have a minimum of 3 separate ads which will be alternated by Google so we can observe which one will have the best results.

Your entire campaign wil have hundreds of keywords and negative keywords we all manually have to enter.

Ad Group



It is advisable to have an Ad Group for at least every page or subject your website has. The more Ad Groups you have, the more accurate your advertisement can become and the higher Google will reward you.

You can also have several Ad Groups for one page/subject with a different bidding strategy. If you offer a service of product with a lot of competition you might want to explore different strategies to outrank them.




Every Ad can be have different conditions. The more Ads we make, the bigger your range will be. We can, for example, make Ads that show only in specific areas or will only show on certain times. This will make it possible for you to outbid and outrank your competitors during peek-visitor-hours instead of paying for a whole day with a lower overall ranking.

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