Define and target your goals and let us help you achieve them


We are Specialised in setting up an excellent campaign and optimising the progress, to ensure that every cent of your budget is spent wisely.

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5 ad groups

Ad Groups can be classified as the main subjects of your website or as different kinds of bidding strategies for your campaign.

3 ads per group

Every Ad group will have 3 separate ads which will be alternated by Google so we can observe which one will have the best results.


Keywords will trigger the appearance of your ads to make sure your ads will only show when your clients specifically type in those words. This will minimise the risk of paying for clicks that don’t lead to conversions.

Team d-dam

What our services include

  • Inventory of the important keywords;
  • Setting up ad groups;
  • Optimal use of keyword matching strategies;
  • Compiling catchy advertisements;
  • Linking extensions to ad groups;
  • Set and track keyword bid strategy;
  • Setting daily budgets and other campaign settings;
  • Link with tracking code and Google Analytics;

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