We have compiled an affordable base package with all essential components,
options can be added and adjusted.




First thing we’ll need to do is check if your desired domain name is still available and secure it for you. Second, we’ll link that domain with a server that’s best for your requirements and location. Finally, we’ll make sure your website is secure by adding a SSL certificate.

Every website starts off with a minimum of 3 pages which (in our experience) are essential for any website: A “Home”-, “About”- and “Contact”-page. The content for this page will have to be composed by you. The logo and images used for these pages will initially be delivered by us, but if you want to personalise your website more we can also use the ones you give us.

After completion and your approval, we’ll let Google index the website so it can be included in the organic search results and customers can start “googling” your business.

During the entire process of building your website we will keep you posted and you will be able to follow the progress. This will give you an accurate idea of the end result and it will allow you to make minor adjustments while we’re still building with no additional costs, within reason of course.




It is of course possible to make you website bigger than 3 pages, especially if you have a lot of information that you want to share. It’s better to have more pages with fewer information on each, than to flood the visitors of your website with a whole bunch of text in one page.

Depending on your industry and the services you offer, other common page can be:

  • Products / Services
  • Our team
  • Portfolio
  • Locations
  • Support
  • FAQ
  • Subscribe



If you don’t have time to write the content for your website yourself, but you already have a some information about your business online (like on Facebook our LinkedIn), we can use that to write the content ourselves. Depending on how easy this is to find and how elaborate this we charge a fixed amount for the base website (with the 3 essential pages), keeping in mind that some pages will require more effort than others.

If you have chosen to expand on the base package, we charge an extra $59 per additional page.

If we can’t get the information we need from social media we will need to have a little chat about what your goals are and what kind of content would fit these best. We can either do this through email or Skype, but we don’t charge additional costs for this.

Still have A question?

The D-DAM team will get back to you within a couple of hours, depending on your time-zone (we do require the occasional nap).

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